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About PWA
About PWA
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1. How long has PacWest been in business

PacWest Alliance Insurances Services, Inc. incorporated in 2004.

2. Why should I join PacWest

There are a number of good reasons. A few key reasons are: Strength in numbers - enhanced Profit Sharing agreements and access to markets. For a more complete list click here.

3. Does PacWest have ownership in its member agencies

No, each member is 100% independent and manages their agency.

4. Do I have to split commissions with PacWest

No, Each Member keeps 100% of their commissions.

5. What major insurance carriers does PacWest represent

Most major carriers in California. Click here for a complete list

6. Do we get to keep our underwriters and marketing persons?

PacWest Alliance may have one underwriter for all agencies, however in different territories an agency may have another underwriter for that territory. It is ultimately up to the appointed insurance carrier to make this determination.

7. Can I keep my own company appointments and / or existing bonus agreements with those companies?

Yes, unless those companies have a binding agreement under PacWest Alliance.
PacWest must approve the request for maintaining a separate appointment. Examples of this might be a carrier with a specialized program, such as Allied Insurance Group’s AIDCO contract.

8. Will my agency be appointed to all of the cluster’s insurance carriers?

Not necessarily. As a general rule, the production requirement is relaxed as compared with obtaining a normal individual appointment. With some carriers, where production is not large enough to qualify for the sub-code appointment, a carrier will allow a member to write business under the PacWest master code. We work to get the best fit for your agency.

9. What types of agencies are eligible for membership in PacWest?

PacWest is looking for a select number of quality agencies who are generally at a minimum of $5 million in premium volume. We are looking for agencies whose book of business is historically profitable and whose appointments are complimentary with those of PacWest. The type of agency PacWest desires is a forward thinking agency who knows that even medium to large size agencies are not immune to being susceptible to the challenges of survival that may not exist today.

10. How do I join PacWest

Ted Datanagan
Business Developement Manager
559-513-6525 (text/voice).


Chris Harbour, Shaw Insurance Services Dan Book, Valley Regional Insurance Marty Fox, Clovis Insurance Agency
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Frequently Asked Questions
Mission & Vision
President's Message
Meet Our Members

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