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About PWA
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Welcome to the web site of PacWest Alliance Insurance Services, Inc. In August of 2004 the PacWest cluster group began operations with a vision of separating itself from other cluster groups doing business in California. Considering itself to be a “managed” organization, PacWest has developed and grown into a well run and highly respected group of agencies. With premium volume nearing $200 million the Steering and Planning Committee has taken steps to foster and promote an environment where every member of the group can prosper and grow.

A recent comment was made by a PacWest Alliance board member that the “best is yet to come”. One of the unique perspectives afforded by membership in PacWest Alliance is the knowledge that a member does not have to give up their independence. Each agency can remain autonomous, while at the same time joining with the owners of other member agencies to seek out and achieve common goals. Being a member of PacWest Alliance affords its participants a strong support for financial security, allows for agency perpetuation and creates an environment that promotes a free sharing of ideas.

One of the other unique qualities about becoming a member of PacWest Alliance is that not just any agency can join. Our goal is to limit the number of agencies within a given area. This “protects” the membership franchise while offering additional market leverage within a member’s home territory. In other words PacWest is looking for a “select number of quality agencies”.

The leadership of PacWest Alliance believes that honesty and integrity are not just words but actually mean something. These beliefs are also of immense importance to the cluster’s insurance carrier partners. Because of this philosophy, members gain considerable underwriting influence and pricing opportunities, not to mention improved and enhanced profit sharing plans, higher guarantees, and bonus commission programs.

Comments from non-cluster agency owners have said “that being a member of a cluster is for agencies who could not “make it” on their own.” Not true! We believe that strength in numbers is a universal truth and in fact our results for the past 6 years can validate this point very well.

If you are looking for alternatives that could benefit your agency, then give some thought to considering PacWest Alliance. Ask the hard questions and see if there is a fit.

Tom Powell

Chris Harbour, Shaw Insurance Services Dan Book, Valley Regional Insurance Marty Fox, Clovis Insurance Agency
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Frequently Asked Questions
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