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The PWA Difference

Many insurance clusters pride themselves as being different than others, but truly, the PacWest Alliance cluster actually is different and here is why:

  1. PacWest is managed and operated by individuals who actually produce, own, and manage an insurance agency, whereas many clusters are managed by people who do no production of their own.
  2. The costs of joining PacWest are as competitive, if not lower than its competition. PacWest also returns a greater portion of contingency awards to its members. It has also been proven that earned enhanced contingencies, commissions, and availability of markets have more than paid for the cost of joining PacWest.
  3. The structure, management, and communication within PacWest is more like an agency with multiple locations, thus our carriers have found PacWest very easy to work with and in some cases have told us that we are their preferred cluster model.
  4. PacWest is seeking limited members in selected geographic areas so as to minimize head to head competition against one another. The growth model is not to expand exponentially, but to grow in a responsible manner. The membership model is to seek out agencies with markets consistent with the PacWest appointed carriers.
  5. PacWest has a number of Preferred Agency Contracts with carriers due to its reputation and profitable productivity history within the membership.
  6. PacWest membership is given select income earning enhancements that add additional dollars to each producing member’s bottom line.
  7. PacWest members sit on various insurance carrier agency councils that have no other invited cluster organizations.
  8. PacWest has its own internal email networking platform allowing for the sharing of ideas and marketing requests for hard to place accounts. The PacWest website also has a marketing section for market/carrier research on specific risk types. Members feel they aren’t going it alone.
  9. PacWest has a Code of Conduct and expects it members to conduct their business under that same code, thus providing a membership of only the highest caliber agencies.
Chris Harbour, Shaw Insurance Services Dan Book, Valley Regional Insurance Marty Fox, Clovis Insurance Agency
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PWA Application
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