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marketing information
More Information about PacWest Alliance...
  • Preferred Markets:
    We have appointments and access to preferred Commercial and Personal Lines Carriers
  • Direct Appointments:
    You can access markets through PacWest appointments or your own direct appointments.
  • Commission:
    Your retain 100% of your commissions.
  • Profit and Growth Bonuses:
    You are eligible for profit sharing and growth bonuses that are often more lucrative than you would achieve on your own due to our combined volume and preferred contracts.
  • Fees:
    Our membership fees are lower than other similar organizations.
  • Stability:
    We offer market stability as our companies look at the Alliance as a whole and not your individual production.
  • Security:
    We carefully screen prospective members to insure quality, professional, stable partners in our business.
  • Exclusivity:
    We are selective in where we appoint agencies so we will not saturate areas and we keep the unique value of a PWA membership.
  • Best of Both Worlds:
    You keep your independence as an agency owner, but have the benefit of being part of one of the largest insurance agencies in California and participate in our preferred company contracts.
  • PWA Website:
    You will have access to the PWA intranet site that provides up to date information on all of our companies, contacts and appetites. This searchable site is a valuable tool to find the right market.
  • Newsgroups:
    You will have access to private email newsgroups to facilitate the exchange of ideas, requests for marketing advice and guidance on both Commercial and Personal Lines placements.
Chris Harbour, Shaw Insurance Services Dan Book, Valley Regional Insurance Marty Fox, Clovis Insurance Agency
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PWA Application
Marketing Information
Member Criteria & Approval
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